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Kit to make

Large Kit Kit


Large Pencil Case – Kit

Night has fallen on the countryside where our dreamer walks. The background is midnight blue, covered with shadows and dotted with stars, in the middle of flowers in brick and plum tones.

Width 30 cm, height 19 cm, depth 9 cm at the bellows approximately.

A kit ready to sew

The user manual is super detailed, with a photo for each important step. You can even download it in PDF format with color and large format photos at the bottom of the page.

No need for a pattern: the seam allowance is included in the design of each kit. So you have nothing to measure, nothing to report, just cut the velvet flush with the design.

Overlap the velor over the lining and cut directly around it.

An original decor

An illustration by Bénédicte Maurin for Atelier des ABCDaires

A sewing kit 100% made in France

We work exclusively with printers in France, to guarantee the best possible quality for our products.

A robust kit

The outer velvet of the case is water-repellent.
The velvet comes from the furniture industry (for maximum durability). It is very strong and extremely resistant to wear. It is thinner, very flexible, and sews like a normal fabric.
The print is guaranteed colorfast, with no risk of rubbing off, shrinking or deforming.
Easy maintenance

Machine wash at 30 degrees, no spin or at slow speed (about 600-800 rpm) because of the coated fabric.
Air drying recommended.
Kit contents

100% polyester microfiber outer velor
100% cotton inner lining
30cm nylon zipper
Step-by-step instructions in pictures, very detailed

The lining fabrics and the color of the zipper (always chosen with care and in colors coordinated with the model) may vary over the collections.

Assembly Tutorials for Pretty Cases (Collection 2022)

Available in PDF in French, English and German, and in French video with French and English subtitles, automatic translation for other languages.

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